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Laskey Mouthpiece Tuba "K" Series

Laskey Mouthpiece Tuba "K" Series

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K is for Kerrigan

Designed in collaboration with Chuck Kerrigan, Low Brass Product Manager at the Eastman Music Company, the Laskey K Series represents a quantum leap in F Tuba Mouthpiece development. This mouthpiece pairs a unique rim contour that is a dramatic shift from standard Laskey rims, with a mid-shallow bowl that brings brilliance and tonal presence to solo and orchestral playing. Available in three rim sizes (28, 30 and 32), most players prefer the 28-rim, which provides an optimal balance of articulation and response for more athletic repertoire.

Available in both US and EU shank variants, and in silver or gold plating.

Pairs With Eastman: EBF862/863 Piston F Tubas and EBF864/866 Rotary F Tubas, and EBE851/EBE853 Piston Eb Tubas. 

It is important to note that Gold Mouthpieces are a Special Order Only product. Please call to place an order of any Gold Mouthpiece. Please also note that All Gold Mouthpieces are FINAL SALE ONLY, as any wear on a gold mouthpiece shows more easily and is not as repairable as silver counterparts. Thank you for your understanding. 

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