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Laskey Mouthpiece Tuba Protégé Series

Laskey Mouthpiece Tuba Protégé Series

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With You Every Step

The Laskey Protégé Tuba Mouthpiece follows in the footsteps of the iconic Laskey 30H, renowned as one of the most popular tuba mouthpieces ever made. We took the 30H and reduced the rim to a "27" inner diameter, making it a 27H and in doing so, a mouthpiece that supports the embouchure development of beginner and emerging tuba players. Crafted from 360 free-machining brass, the Laskey Protégé Tuba Mouthpiece is finished with a two-tone buffing treatment that polishes the rim for comfort and flexibility, while leaving the body of the mouthpiece with a satin look and feel. Plated with a triple-strike process of copper, silver and bright silver, the Protégé is ready for centre stage.  


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