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Lip Guard

Lip Guard

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Lip Guard Pattern

Invisible Lip Guards

Removable Lip Plate Protection for eradicating BLACK FLUTE CHIN, hooray!

Each package includes 9 identical Lip Guards! 

The Lip Guard works as a safe and thin barrier between the lip plate and the flutist’s chin, and helps to prevent irritation or allergic reaction to silver, nickel, gold and more. It is easy to put on, and is hypo-allergenic and latex-free. The Lip Guard is less slippery than a traditional lip plate and features a clean anti-slip grip. It leaves no adhesive residue and is also easy to remove. It is sized for a standard flute lip plate, but may also be safely used on piccolos and wood flutes. Creates a barrier between the chin and the lip plate that is allergy-free with a no-slip surface!

Available in several Flutastic Designs:

Designs - Sale $10.00 Each! 
Conflutric Circles - Blue+Purple
Elegant Engraving

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