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Lumière A Clarinet

Lumière A Clarinet

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Exotic Hardwood
The Lumière takes the clarinet to a level of breathtaking clarity and focus from the highest altissimo down through the low register. Less is more, as the Lumière flaunts European flair with uncompromising intonation and fluidity. Completely redesigned from the bell up, and the first clarinet to feature the new Backun Scale, this custom clarinet is a perfect match for those who desire the highest quality playing experience in a more traditional French-style instrument. Arching inline trill keys serve both form and function, moving the complex sculpted tone holes out of the waterline, while newly designed touch pieces offer a luxurious, refined feel. Among the finishing touches, custom leather pads make their first appearance on a Backun Clarinet, providing artists with unmatched response and feel.

Note We stock a limited number of custom instruments as most are built to order. Please contact for availability. Once your order is confirmed you will receive updates from Music Center LA!

Included Two Lumière Barrels, one Lumière Bell, BAM Custom Case, Polishing Cloth, Swab and Cork Grease. (Mouthpiece not included.)

Options See above for options and upgrade costs!

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