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Ton Kooiman Prima Thumb Rest for Flute

Ton Kooiman Prima Thumb Rest for Flute

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Ton Kooiman Prima Thumb Rest for Flute

Properly balancing the flute has never been easy – until now. The Prima Thumb Rest prevents the instrument from rolling toward you. It also reduces the flute’s pressure against your lips, it incites a correct position of your fingers, and helps to prevent tension in fingers, hands, arms, and shoulders.

The Thumb Plateau prevents the right thumb from slipping to the left and prevents the flute from rolling toward the flutist!

Easy installation | No scratching | Allows tubing vibration!  

The Prima consists of two parts: Thumb Plateau & Mounting Plate

The Mounting Plate is attached to the flute body with silicone rubber inlay and band and will stay on the flute.  A silicone rubber sheet comes in between the mounting plate and the body. The Thumb Plateau can be attached quickly on the mounting plate and can be adjusted to several angles.

The Ton Kooiman Thumb Rests include and installation manual.

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