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Wiseman French Case

Wiseman French Case

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Wiseman French Style Flute Case

Traditional French-Style Wooden Flute Case with a Carbon-Fiber effect finish. The inside has been re-designed completely to remove any pressure on keywork, and to provide shock-absorbing suspension for each joint in all directions. Velvet-covered shock-absorbing rubber blocks have replaced all traditional wooden blocking, and the joints are no longer allowed to directly touch the floor and ends of the case. The joints are held so firmly, that the joints still hold firm if the case is accidentally opened up-side-down.

This case will fit all brands and sizes of B-foot flutes. It will provide superb protection for your instrument and is an ideal way of providing this superb protection that a Wiseman case offers if our well-established tubular cases are not your preferred shape.

Finish: Carbon-Fiber Effect 

Lining: Black & Gold Velvet 

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